The Science Behind the Skin

What is Biyusen?

Biyusen™ is the cornerstone of all our skincare collections. Infused with vital healing extracts, this proprietary complex of actives is perfectly crafted from the rarest plant-derived moor hot spring in Hokkaido.

Wonder Water of Moor Onsen

The Hot Spring of Beauty “Bijin-no-yu”

Hidden in the pristine forest of Hokkaido, the secret to beautiful skin was uncovered on the bank of the Tokachi River. There lies the one and only plant-based hot spring in Japan: Moor Onsen Water.

Inspired by the miraculous discovery of locals bathing in moor onsen water for naturally smooth skin, it hinted at a sacred skincare ingredient that was eventually created. This beautifying onsen water is the epitome of skin rejuvenation.

From Onsen to Our Labs

Working with leading scientists from around the globe, we hoped to unlock the mystical healing powers of the moor onsen water. Several years of exhaustive research and innumerable experimentation led to the breakthrough discovery—a fermentation process that transformed moor onsen water into an organic compound of skin-renewing acids called BIYUSEN™. This proprietary miracle complex, infused in all of our product formulas, is clinically proven to restore skin to its healthiest state.

Fulvic acid

Enhances your skin’s natural defense mechanism as it is a powerful anti-oxidant. It also helps the absorption of oxygen and water.

Humic acid

Lengthens the life of hyaluronic acid molecules. This keeps the skin’s moisture level as high as possible and slows down wrinkle formation.

Hymatomelanic acid

Smooths and heals skin texture and accelerates the healing of superficial micro-wounds as well as cell renewal.

How Does It Benefit My Skin?

• Replenish & retains high levels of hydration

• Restores collagen to slow down aging process

• Improve skin elasticity

• Calms & heals sensitive skin


agree skin feels softer, smoother and more supple*

agree skin feels instantly hydrated with a healthy, radiant glow*

agree skin looks firmer, lifted and feels more elastic*

* Based on a 4-week Clinical Trial of 35 subjects aged between 21 - 59.


Encapsulated BIYUSEN™

The remarkable union of nature and science are at the core of our skincare formulation process. Our scientists meticulously combine Biyusen™ with our patented encapsulation technology to timely unlock each ingredient’s actives, discharging them 10 times faster and deeper into your skin. This results in accelerated absorption and optimal efficacy to work wonders for your skin.